Providing a quadcopter DJI Mavic pro

Providing a quadcopter DJI Mavic pro

The DJI Mavic pro quadcopter is a compact drone with high performance, which will be an excellent solution for aerial photography. Its main difference from other models is the ability to transport when folded, as well as the readiness for operation immediately after deployment.

Therefore, our company offers this particular model for rent. We provide a quality and reliable quadrocopter, which is certified, has all the necessary documentation.

Rent a quadrocopter Kiev frent

Who and why should I rent a quadrocopter

The DJI Mavic model is convenient to use for photo and video shooting with a maximum lift height of 6 km. With it, you can make stunning shots of outdoor recreation or family celebrations, non-standard elements for your own movie. Taking pictures of tourist attractions or animals in their natural habitat from a bird's eye view is truly mesmerizing.

Using DJI Mavic pro makes it possible to create unique shots and fully embody the author's ideas.

Quadrocopter footage will be relevant for the sale of real estate - land, cottages, etc. High-altitude shooting will maximize the focus on the nature that surrounds the object, or developed infrastructure.



Model differences

The DJI Mavic pro quadcopter has excellent features. Among its features:

Foldable design. Due to this feature, the device can easily fit in a backpack. It is convenient to transport, including among hand luggage. The chassis is not folding, but they are easy to turn, which makes it easy to fold the device for storage and carrying.
Compact dimensions. The weight of the structure is 743 g, and the dimensions are 88x83x198 mm. When folded, the device is even more compact.
High performance. The battery life of the device (flight) is 27 minutes. For data transmission from the camera, the OcuSync system was used, which provides a stand-alone wireless connection in real time, ensures the clarity of each frame. High-quality shooting is guaranteed by a 4K camera, with the ability to take 12MP photos and a 78˚ viewing angle.
Ease of use. If the device loses connection with the controller, the “return home” program will be automatically launched. A similar function will be applied if the battery power critically decreases.
Additional functionality. The device controller has a built-in vibration motor. It will help adjust the flight if the quadrocopter exceeds speed or the maximum allowable altitude.

The maximum speed is 65 km / h, with a range of 7 km. A sufficiently high flight speed, which can be adjusted, makes it possible to experiment with shooting.

To control the quadrocopter, you do not need special skills: just read the instructions. You can plan your flight in advance according to the set GPS points in automatic mode. In this case, the device independently “monitors” flight safety.

In the dark, it is convenient to control the movement of the quadrocopter behind special LED sensors.

Rental benefits

Quadrocopter can and should be used for amateur shooting. There is no need to purchase expensive equipment: renting provides unlimited opportunities for your own creativity. Video from above always looks spectacular, so you can do without ordering specialized services.

Our company guarantees the affordable cost of renting a quadrocopter, as well as the most convenient conditions for the client.