Baby car seat

Providing a child car seat option

Transporting children without a car seat is dangerous - according to statistics, most child injuries sustained in the event of an accident could have been avoided if the child had been correctly fastened. In addition, the kids are uncomfortable in the adult seat: it is difficult for them to find balance when driving fast, relax and fall asleep during the trip.

To avoid the penalty for the lack of a car seat, to ensure the convenience and safety of the baby, it is necessary both in our own and rented cars, therefore we provide an option for a child seat for our customers.

Attention to detail

The Ukrainian legislation provides for liability for the absence of a child seat for passengers under the age of 12 years and height less than 145 cm. It is worth paying attention to this: if the child is completely independent, this does not eliminate the need to supplement the car with a car seat.

For children of different age categories, there are separate models of car seats. Among them:

Group 0. They are often called a car seat, because the seats have a semicircular shape. Such models can only be installed in the back seat. But the advantages of car seats for the smallest are that the child can be transferred to them at the end of the trip: the car seats have a built-in handle.
Group 0+. With such a carrying, the baby can be brought to the car, easily fixed on the seat. The correct design guarantees the comfort of the child and its reliable protection. But the weight of the baby should be less than 13 kg. Such a car seat is attached with the back in the direction of travel.
Group I. The child seat in this category is intended for babies from 1 year to 4 years. The weight of the child can vary from 9 to 18 kg. Such chairs are installed face in the direction of travel.
Group II. These car seats are suitable for children weighing from 15 to 25 kg. They correspond to the age of 3-7 years.
Group III. The main task of such a chair is to “raise” the child so that the seat belt passes over the shoulder without contacting the neck. The seat is complemented by comfortable armrests. Such a chair is often called a "booster", from the English counterpart. After all, it just complements the design of the car seat.

Often a car seat combines several groups. Its size can be increased by adapting to the growth of the child. The most common example is groups II – III.

Our company guarantees the option of a child car seat, which will correspond to the age group of the child, his weight and age.

Quality car seats

If a client rents a car for a family before arrival, it is worth taking care of supplementing the car with a child seat in advance. This is not difficult for the client: the main thing is to inform the age category (weight and height) on time. If necessary, you can adjust the car seat yourself, so that the child feels as comfortable as possible.

We provide customers with the use of only high-quality branded products, which are reliable in any situation.

Emphasis on hygiene

You can be sure that the chair has passed the necessary sanitary treatment. The absence of extraneous odors of the material, its non-toxicity and purity are the criteria to which we pay special attention. Using such a chair is absolutely safe.

Modern design and comfortable design guarantee a pleasant trip for the child, which will leave a vivid impression. And for parents, this service allows you not to worry about the safety of children, eliminates the need to control their movement around the cabin.

Car rental with a car seat from our company is the delivery of prepared transport directly to the airport, which will save time in a family trip. After all, trips with children should leave only positive emotions, without unnecessary worries and inconveniences.