1219 2020-03-24
Car rental prices

We are often asked questions on what the prices for car rental in Ukraine depend on, in the same article we will try to figure out what the price consists of and how to rent a car cheaper for our purposes. The price for a car rental in Ukraine is made up of several components, such as:

 • Current demand in the car rental market, which in turn depends on the season

 • Car class for example: economy, medium, business, SUV

 • The rental period, for example, renting a car for 3 days will cost more per day than a month or more.

 • The required mileage per day, for example, in most companies providing car rental services in Ukraine, a limit of 300 km per day is applied, and use over this mileage is possible but paid separately. Our company, however, sets a limit on the total period for renting a car (for example, by renting a car for the 3rd day you will receive a 900km limit). By the way, a more detailed look at the conditions under which you can rent a car in our company can be found here .

For an example of renting a car in the city of Kiev, let’s take the Kia Picanto economy class the cost of renting a day will cost 30USD if you want to rent from 1 to 3 days and 25USD if you rent 26+ days. You can also rent a car without a deposit, for this, ask a question on the hotline or just leave a request.

At the same time, we regularly give out discounts on cars that can be received in a telegram bot, where you can also see prices for car rental and book online. Follow the link and get a discount 👉 telegram bot