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Benefits of car rental for corporate clients

Benefits of car rental for corporate clients (legal entities)

The key to a successful business is wholesales. Corporate clients, as well as legal entities - business partners, contribute to the active development of the enterprise. But it is important to pay enough attention to business relationships. Including - the formation of the image of the company. It often consists of parts, which include car rental for corporate clients and partner legal entities during their visits.

Business etiquette and practicality

To offer the wholesale client or business partner to use public transport is a sign of disrespect. An entrepreneur who lives in another city or country will experience significant discomfort when using public transport on unfamiliar routes. At the same time, ordering taxi services to accompany a client is very expensive even for a successful company.

The best solution is to rent a car for a corporate client. A business partner will be able to feel freedom of movement, and a navigation system in a car or a company driver will help him navigate in the city. This will combine work moments and free time: a business partner will have the opportunity to explore local attractions after business meetings, engage in other projects, etc.

Why is it worth renting a car for a client in our company?

Another important nuance: a car for corporate clients must match the image of the company. Too economical option or expensive model can cause unnecessary questions for business partners: from the need to save company finances to waste of money.

Organization is also important: you need to be sure that the car will be provided at the right time and with all the necessary documents.

Our service guarantees no problems when ordering a car. Among the additional advantages of the company:

Big car park. You can choose a car in any price category. Models with different dimensions, engine power and so on are presented. Among the company’s proposals are medium, economy and business class equipment, as well as executive cars and SUVs.
Verified cars. All equipment is new and regularly inspected. Therefore, you do not have to worry about unforeseen breakdowns. Cars have all the necessary documentation.
Availability of insurance. This minor detail will protect the client in any unusual situations that could harm the car. The customer will not be liable if the car becomes a participant in an accident not through his fault, or in case of man-made situations (for example, flooding the street).
Favorable prices. The cost of services is one of the most favorable among similar offers in the market.
Quality service. Managers provided all the details. For example, a car is fully refueled and completely clean. Particular attention is paid to punctuality: the equipment will be provided at the exact time indicated. If necessary, the manager will answer all questions of interest, will be in touch all the time renting a car.
Lack of bureaucracy. The car rental procedure will take a little time. Most of it is spent online, which saves the client time.

There are a number of requirements for the driver (rights, driving experience), but there are no significant restrictions on car rental.

Ordering a car rental for corporate clients and partner legal entities is one of the best solutions that will support the image of the company, promote cooperation and ensure the comfort of guests. A rented car guarantees freedom of movement and the absence of unnecessary costs.

Our regular customers can save a lot: they have a flexible system of discounts.