1299 2020-11-06
You can rent a car in Dnipro with the "Unlimited mileage" service, and at a daily limit of 300 km

Our company provides services "Car rental in the Dnieper", for movement throughout Ukraine, without going abroad. Not only a citizen of Ukraine, but also a citizen of another country can rent in our company. To do this, you must submit a passport and license, in the "Services" section you can familiarize yourself with the conditions in more detail.

  • The rental price is calculated daily and depends on the class of the rented car:
  • Economy;
  • Middle;
  • Business;
  • Premium;
  • SUV;
  • Minivan.

Rent a Car Dnipro, it is convenient and profitable, if you are used to being on wheels all the time, and your car is not on the move, contact our company, and we will provide you with a car for rent at an optimal cost with delivery to the address. Our office works seven days a week, seven days a week, from 9 am to 7 pm, but we are in touch around the clock, we have a support service.

At the rental station, you can rent a car during working hours, but we have a service whereby we provide a car at any time during non-working hours. Also, the service of delivery of the car to any place in the city of Dnipro, which you indicate in the application on our website, works.

The minimum rental period is a day, for travel you can rent for a week or more, but if you need to extend the rental period during operation, then you just need to contact the company manager and pay by bank card or transfer to the account, there is no need for this come to the office.

All our cars are insured by OSAGO, you do not need to leave a deposit in cash, we simply block the amount of the deposit on your card, and when the car is returned, the blocking is removed, without any delays and unnecessary waste of time.

Payment can be made by any means, both in cash and by transfer to an account. If you decide to return the car before the agreed term, then the actual lease is recalculated and the money for the unused rental time will be returned to you.

The contract describes in detail all the terms of the lease, in which our company advises to refuel at official stations: OKKO, Shell, WOG, Socar, to keep the car in working order, without breakdowns.

You can rent a car in Dnipro with the service "Unlimited mileage", the usual contract provides for a limit of 300 km per day. To rent a car online, you need to fill out an application on the website, for this, select a date and indicate at what time you want to pick up the car.

Then select a car from the list and indicate the address from where it is more convenient for you to pick up the car, and the final destination of the trip, that is, the place where the car is returned. In conclusion, you send a photo of your driver's license, pay the rent.

Our firm employs professionals, our credo is punctuality and responsibility, with us you will save time, we have no red tape and delays. We have affordable prices, many additional services, an excellent car park, we are always in touch with the client.