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Rent a car at the airport Borispol

Rent a car in Borispol
Car rental in Borispol is a service that everyone can use. This is a profitable alternative to public transport and taxi service. After arrival, there is no need to worry about finding a way to travel: free delivery of a rented car to the airport will allow you to freely move around the city without spending time waiting or finding a rental point.
Company fleet
Comfort and practicality are the main reasons to order a rental car in our company. We offer the client a wide selection of cars, among which everyone will find equipment that matches the budget and preferences. It is possible to book a rental at the airport of class equipment:
* - economy;
* - average;
* - business;
* - premium.
Another category - SUVs, which will provide free movement on a relief terrain, low-quality road surface.
In each class cars of various brands are presented. It is convenient to order a car that will fully comply with driving skills: for example, choose vehicles with a manual or automatic transmission.
Warranties for the client
Hire to the airport from our company is a guarantee of quality services. The client can be sure of:
* - technical condition of the car. All cars have low mileage, experts regularly conduct technical inspections. Also, attention is paid to the appearance of the equipment - the absence of minor mechanical damage and pollution;
* - insurance. It reduces the level of customer responsibility, and will become a financial “airbag” in case of unforeseen situations;
* - reasonable prices. We have no overpriced, and regular customers can count on significant discounts. The longer the rental period, the lower the daily cost;
* - attention to detail. The car will be refueled, and you can turn to an assistant for help at any time.
Car rental Boryspil provides for free car delivery at the specified time. Our company guarantees punctuality and compliance of the equipment provided with the declared characteristics.
Quick service order
Lack of bureaucracy is one of the advantages of our services. It is convenient to agree on cooperation online, which will take a minimum of time.
But car rental Boryspil can be ordered only with a driver’s license and driving experience. It is easy to renew the contract at any time by contacting the manager.