Age restrictions

There are only 2 age restrictions:

the client must be over 21;

driving experience must be at least 2 years.

If the driver does not meet these requirements, the company may offer an increase in the amount of the deposit.

List of required documents

To rent a car, a citizen of Ukraine will need a passport and a driver's license with the right to drive a vehicle of the corresponding category.

To conclude a rental agreement, a foreigner must provide a national passport and international license or a driver's license, in which the first and last name are indicated in Latin letters.

Payment Methods

For the convenience of our clients, we offer various payment methods, including by bank transfer with VAT, or by plastic card. Payment can also be made in cash and bank transfer.

Car rental fees are due prior to travel. The client pays the full rental period in advance. If you wish to continue the lease, you must also make a prepayment. If the car is returned a few days before the end of the rental period, the payment is recalculated according to the actual time of using the car.


Together with the rental payment, the client is obliged to make a deposit (deposit) for the car. It can be paid in cash or with a bank card. Please note that money is not withdrawn from the card, but only blocked. Upon the expiration of the rental period and in the absence of violations of the contract, the client receives the entire amount of the deposit back. The amount of the deposit depends on the class of the car.

What kind of fuel should you use?

In order to avoid car breakdowns, the company strongly recommends refueling only at official car filling stations OKKO, WOG, Shell, Socar.

Mileage requirements

The daily mileage limit is 300 km per day. It is calculated in total for the entire rental period. That is, if you took a car for 10 days, then the maximum allowable mileage should not exceed 3000 km.

The company also offers the service "Unlimited mileage". Our managers will tell you more about it.

Territory of movement

Clients of our company have the right to freely use rented cars throughout Ukraine, except for Donetsk and Lugansk regions, as well as Crimea. Traveling abroad is not permitted.

Who can drive the rented vehicle?

Only a driver who has a certificate confirming the right to drive a car of this category has the right to drive a rented car. The company strongly recommends that you first coordinate the competence of drivers with our managers.

Rental period

The minimum rental period for a car is 24 hours. The start of the lease term is considered to be the moment of signing the vehicle acceptance certificate.

The return of the car must be made no later than 1 hour after the end of the last day of rental. For late return of the car, the rental fee is charged for an additional day of rental.

Insurance conditions

Each car of the company is insured under the terms of compulsory civil liability insurance of owners of land vehicles (OSAGO)

Receiving and returning the vehicle

Delivery and return of the car is carried out at the rental stations during working hours, but the company can also provide you with additional services:

Receiving a car outside working hours - 20 USD

Return of a car outside working hours - 20 USD

Delivery and selection of a car to your address during business hours - 20 USD

We are happy to help you from Monday to Sunday - from 9:00 to 19:00