Volkswagen Tiguan

2 L.




5 seats


Rent termRent price
Bail Amount500$

Volkswagen Tiguan is one of the most popular SUVs, which is distinguished by its spaciousness and comfortable interior. You can rent a car for organizing family trips outside the city. Also, this car is perfect for those who like to move around the city in powerful and spacious cars.The Volkswagen Tiguan has several important characteristics:• A five-seater car is great for comfortable travel and travel with a large company, family.• Average fuel consumption in the city is about 9.9 l / 100 km.• The salon is devoid of any superfluous design "chips" - everything is restrained and elegant.• Large trunk with 615 L capacity for easy storage of bags or suitcases. And if the rear seats are folded, then the trunk capacity increases to 1,655 liters.The main advantages are climate control and heated front seats. Thus, this car is the ideal vehicle for transportation regardless of the weather conditions.Any client who has a driver's license and a minimum driving experience (2 years) can rent a car. The presented model is insured, which excludes possible problems as a result of an accident or other situations on the road.

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