Volkswagen Passat B8

1.8 L.




5 seats


Rent termRent price
Bail Amount500$

Renting a car Volkswagen Passat B8 is an ideal solution for those who are looking for a suitable car for convenient movement around the city. The sedan has a neat and flowing shape, it perfectly combines graceful laconic style with sporty elements.Such a car uses an updated multimedia system, as well as a high-quality security system, which will certainly pleasantly surprise every driver during the rental:• Assistance in the process of rebuilding a car from one lane to another (this is especially important when driving on metropolitan roads).• Tracking observance of lane movement.• Keeping the vehicle on the lane.• Collision avoidance.In addition, this model has a comfortable cabin, and the presence of an air conditioning system provides an optimal microclimate for the driver and his passengers, regardless of the season.The Volkswagen Passat B8 car rental service is relevant for drivers who need to go to another city or when they have long trips on the capital's roads. The compact dimensions and maneuverability of such a machine makes it indispensable when driving on city roads with a lot of traffic jams.

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