Volkswagen Jetta

1.4 L.




5 seats


Rent termRent price
Bail Amount500$

The solid and comfortable Volkswagen Jetta sedan will certainly appeal to those who are accustomed to moving around the city with special comfort. Its classic graceful proportions and an updated interior design make it a business class car.Renting a Volkswagen Jetta car is a suitable solution for those who are looking for a vehicle for representative purposes, as a transfer, for organizing a corporate or family trip around the city or outside the city (along the highway).The main advantages of the car for the driver and his passengers:• clear control, which even the driver who first got behind the wheel of a Volkswagen Jetta can easily understand;• good visibility of the entire road;• sufficiently spacious and quiet interior;• the use of a modern system of exchange rate stability allows you to drive a car in any weather.We offer to rent a car on mutually beneficial terms. When filling out an application for car rental, the driver will be able to indicate the place where it will be convenient for him to pick up this vehicle. As a result, our manager will take into account the wishes of the client and deliver the car to the specified address.

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