BMW 328

2 L.




5 seats


Rent termRent price
Bail Amount500$

The BMW 328 Sedan is the ideal business class vehicle for city commuting. If you are looking for a suitable vehicle for constant movement on the capital's roads to work, then you can rent a car on favorable terms.The popular third series sedan is:• comfortable five-seater salon;• two-liter gasoline engine, which is distinguished by economical fuel consumption in the city - 10 l / 100 km;•Automatic transmission;• the presence of a large number of necessary additional options, ranging from climate control system, air conditioning and ending with an excellent audio system.In addition, the car is equipped with a 360-degree camera, front and rear parking sensors, allowing the driver to feel much more confident while performing various maneuvers on the road.Car rental is available for all drivers over 21 years old, if they have a driving license with at least 2 years of experience. Our company provides rental services for Ukrainian and foreign citizens. To draw up a fast contract, you will need a passport and driver's license with an open category "B". The car meets all the specified technical characteristics and is ready for rental.

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